Beata Zakrzewska


As a child demonstrated superb music and language.She graduated from the Institute of Science G. Caetani of Rome. In 2002 she concluded her educational training at the Free Academy Aldo Bargero di Oriago (VE).

Since 2002, she has taught at two private schools in Rome and in her last year, she was the coordinator of the faculty: "Il Giardino dei Cedri" and "Salvatore Colonna." Since 2010, she

enrolled in the College of Nurses of Rome: IPASVI. In addition to teaching, she worked as a professional nurse.

Again in 2010 she decided to undertake the study of art therapy by participating in various seminars and she commenced the training in 2013 at the School of Art Therapy "Il Fiore Azzurro".

Barbara Wajs


Mother tongue English teacher for Elementary school but also actor and dancer. In her work she combines acting and movement with a variety of proven learning methods and she has been working in international schools and theatres in Europe and China.

Through this fusion young learners capture quickly the new language. We all grow up listening to stories, singing and playing games, pretending to be a pirate or princess, repeating the same words again and again. “ Why shouldn’t we try the same in a second language?” This is how Barbara Wajs developed her teaching method, using stories and movement which actively involves pupils in learning and which stimulates them.

She’s been working in Rome for many years in different schools like the Waldorf School, Montessori, Marymount, Sacro Cuore and the British Council, being part in international cultural events.

Alessandro Sbraci


After obtaining a degree in Education at the Ponticifia Salesiana University he becomes a memebr of the “Commission for the writing of Childen Rights” established from the local government. Afterwards he started teaching at the “Arcobaleno” Primary School, a school based on Rudol Steiner's pedagogic methods, becoming the above-stated School Coordinator. After attending a course in “Functional Psychomotility” he conducted pedagogic activities at the Loic Francis For the Stenier Pedagogics and Sociotherapy Association.

Convinced of the pedagogical worth that art and manual work have he co-founded the Maxima Pedagogical Association, a place where children did various handcrats and manual activities. He taught at the Sant'Ivo Institute Primary School.

“Each child'sworld starts over the story of the world”, this is the main thought that has always enlightened his pedagogical work.

Magdalena Gorska


Daughter of a Primary School teacher, she grew up in a bilingual environment, with an english father and a polish mother. She has had a knack for language and dance since she was child. Following her mother footsteps she worked has a primary teacher in Liverpool obtaining a specialization in “Special needs” teaching.

She moved to Spain in 2010 and in the same year she obtained the T.E.F.L. certificate from the Cambridge University. In Spain she worked for the University of Santiago de Compostela as English tutor, training students for the official Cambridge exams.

She has been living in Italy since 2015. 

Marianna Ceccanei


Marianna's passion for modern languages is a family matter, her mother is partly of English descent. Barely eight years old, Marianna earned her first ESOL certificate in English. She spent her youth studying in Italy as well as the UK (Winchester, Rickmansworth, Cardiff), spanning the gamut of linguistic excellence by collecting ESOL and Trinity Diplomas.

Her interest for foreign languages extends to French and Spanish, during her formative years she collected several DELF and DELE certifications. Both French and Spanish have served her well while volunteering with Caritas and Comunità di Sant' Egidio.

After completing her humanities studies, in 2016 she enrolled at Università della Tuscia for a Master's Degree in Modern Languages and International Communication, graduating with full marks. Marianna earned her teaching qualification by completing the recently established FIT in 2018 and she is currently studying for a pedagogy master course on the teacher's role and class inclusivity.

Starting from 2015, Marianna has tutored primary and middle school students waiting to sit their ESOL exams. Moreover, since 2018 she has worked as a Supervisor of Cambridge ESOL sessions for Accademia Britannica, International House (Rome), thus gaining invaluable experience as well as insider knowledge of the ESOL exams. In 2019 she further honed her teaching skills as she worked as a substitute teacher in public schools in Rome.

Tatiana Kozlova


English teacher certified by Trinity College London (CertTESOL diploma) specialized in Teaching English to Young Learners (TYL certificate). Following in the footsteps of her mother who had an active role in many youth projects, Tatiana developed a particular talent for interacting with children. She has worked with children in various educational contexts, including classic and folk dance.

Native English and Russian speaker, at the age of 20 she started teaching English to children aged 3 to 10 at the School of Foreign Languages in Changchun (China). During that time, she also acquired several additional qualifications, such as a degree in Management Sciences (in the field of communication) and later on a diploma from the Institute of High Fashion Marangoni in Milan (where she studied art and fashion design).

She fluently speaks Italian, Chinese and German.

Since 2015, Tatiana has been working in Rome. She taught at LUISS Guido Carli University and at several schools including Vincenzo Cardarelli School, Liceo Classico “Benedetto da Norcia, Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Cine­tv “Roberto Rossellini, Istituto comprensivo Padre Semeria.

She continues to refine her educational techniques with artistic, musical, and manual approaches thanks to numerous training courses.

Elisabeth Leonie Jean McCreton


Originally from Sheffield in the UK, Beth has spent the last 10 years in Italy teaching English.

After completing a degree in Italian Literature and Language Studies at the University of Bristol, which included a Year abroad working at the bilingual nursery "Chatterbox" in Cagliari, she went back to live in Sardegna.

In 2012 she moved to Rome to do a BA in Acting at the Link Academy. During this time she also worked for Mac Language School, teaching English to public officials, the Guardia di Finanza and also ran the the summer drama camps for children with parents in the Guardia di Finanza.

Fluent in Italian, she also enjoys working as a freelance interpreter and translator.

Passionate about culture and the arts, Beth is dedicated to using dynamic and creative methods in her lessons.

Barbara Valli


With a passion for teaching since ever, she obtained a master's degree in Primary Education Sciences and then attended a three-year course in Steiner Pedagogy at the Free School "Janua" in Rome. She has always tried to combine her two great passions: the search for authentic relationships with children and the theater work. After the Diploma obtained at the Civic Theatrical School Paolo Grassi of Milan and the course for cultural and theatrical animator, in Bologna, she worked in the theater writing shows for children and adults. She has worked as a teacher and as a conductor of theater workshops in various public and private primary and childhood schools, in Rome and Milan; she have had the chance to experience that the educational relationship is a continuous exchange.

Richard Coletta


Born in London, England, mother tongue English teacher, with an extensive experience teaching English as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults.

He obtained his TEFL certificate  (teaching English as foreign language) in London and then began teaching English to students from various countries, cultures and backgrounds before continuing to teach foreign students at a private Language School on the South Coast of England.

Patient and goal-orientated he loves teaching and lives his job as a mission.

He has been living in Italy for three years where he kept teaching preparing children for Cambridge exams. 

Sofia Motti Barsini


Tiziana Della Spina


Tiziana is an English teacher, with dual Italian-US citizenship, certified by Cambridge University England (CELTA - Certificate in Teaching English to Adults and CELTYL - Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners).
Tiziana grew up in a multi-cultural family environment with passion for art, studying opera, ballet and acting. As a child, she moved with her family to various locations abroad, where she developed a strong interest in foreign languages at a young age.
Tiziana moved to San Diego, California, where she studied and worked exclusively in English, for a decade. There, she attended the San Diego City College (SDCC).
Since 2010, Tiziana has been working in Rome teaching English as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults in several school such as Highlands Institute, Nazareth Institute, La Maisonnette. She was very happy to join the St. Philip community in 2018.

Debora Oxenham


Bilingual, daughter of two teachers, of which Italian mother and Canadian father, teaching and foreign languages ​​were two elements that have always been present in her life.

She graduated in "Scienze della Formazione Primaria" at the University of Roma Tre with an experimental thesis on the uniqueness and diversity of each child in terms of their preferred learning styles and the quantity of spoken languages ​​(polyglot or monolingual).

Over the years she has accumulated various experiences with children teaching in the Wetherby House Montessori in England and in the bilingual school BeMe. In addition, she worked as a volunteer educator in a community coordinating, organizing and guiding activities for children of different ages. In this same area she created and realized puppet theater shows for children.

She enriches her educational background by attending various courses including the PSP (Pediatric First Aid) for the project "Health promotion and safety culture" issued by the Italian Federation of Pediatric Doctors (FIMP), the basic Truccabimbi and Piccoli Eventi course and the training course for "Technical Figures Theater - Puppets & Co." at the Fionda di Davide.

Guided by passion and strong linguistic skills, she obtains various language certifications: DELE (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera), DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


Mia Nabong


Mother tongue english speaker Mia has always had a passion for multiculturalism having been born in the Philippines, raised in Chicago (USA), and living many years in Naples and London (UK).  

She earned her bachelor's degree in education from Northwestern University and worked with children with psychological and behavioural conditions. After working on a team of social workers who worked with adults with severe mental illness, she became the team's manager and earned her master's degree in social work from the University of Chicago.  She was a social worker in London and is currently registered in the Health Care Professionals Council (UK).

Her love for working with young children was born in Naples when she stared teaching english in a preschool and a language school.  She has helped children and adults prepare for Cambridge and Trinity exams.  She became a teacher in a bilingual school and along with the Italian teacher followed their students from the beginning to the end of their elementary years. She loves teaching with songs, movement, and communication activities, paying special attention to the individual needs of every child.

She has lived in Rome since 2018 with her family and raises her own children in a bilingual environment. 


Rebecca Lyles


Born in Southern California to an English teacher, Rebecca grew up with a love for English and for teaching. She decided to pursue this at Azusa Pacific University, where she analyzed children’s speech acquisition data from the CHILDES database in order to understand the processes children use to learn English. She worked as the university’s English and Linguistics tutor and helped other university students continue this analysis of children’s speech anomalies until she graduated with her B.A. in English with a Teaching concentration in 2015. 

Rebecca has over 6 years of experience teaching children, which includes teaching in kindergarten and primary school, as well as in a moderate-to-severe special needs classroom, serving as a mentor for primary school children aspiring to go to college, leading several music-and-choreography programs for children, and working as a tutor for multiple students (including English-as-a-Second-Language students) both privately and in public school classrooms.  

Angelo Prinzo


Trained at the School of the Art Therapy "Fiore Azzurro " with successive years of renovation and Master in Art Therapy at the University of Roma Tre. He graduated in modern literature to address art at the University of Salerno.

Cellist trained at Rowan University in the USA (NJ) and graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. 

Supervisor for the technical area, artetertapeuta and teacher ART.ED.O (Polo Mediterraneo delle Arti Terapie e delle Discipline Olistiche). Professor of music therapy at the " Fiore Azzurro".

He works as an art therapist, music therapist and professor of cello at the School and the Institute Janua S. Ivo, both in Rome, and the Centro Studi Kairòs of Lido di Ostia.

Pamela Rado


Since she was a child she has shown strong attitudes for sports activities and theater play.

She obtained a high-school diploma at the "Istituto Magistrale Pedagogico/Linguistico" E. Palumbo "in Brindisi in 1999, she choose an artistic curriculum for her university studies and graduated in 2008 in Cultural Heritage with curriculum (Science and Technology of Art, Music and Entertainment) at the University of Lecce with a thesis entitled "Theater in schools as an alternative pedagogy".

In 2010 she moved to Rome and carried on her studies of theater in the schools and discovered another passion closely related to it, which is the psychomotricity, continuing her training.

Since 2014 she has been collaborating with various associations and with kindergarten and primary schools, teaching theater and psychomotor skills.

Elisabetta Serpi


She studied  at the "N.Paganini" Conservatory in Genoa, and carried out her activity as a flute player for philharmonic, private and municipal concerts. She also worked for the social services with the National Civil Service at the Cooperativa "Il Sentiero di Arianna" working with children, elderly and disabled people.

From then on, she started working for professional education centers for people with disabilities, educational centers, foster care and schools.

Her predisposition to work with children, enriched by music, dance, art and theater education, broght her to collaborate with associations, schools and gyms.

In 2011 she moved to Rome and collaborated as a theater operator inside some schools with the association "La Gattaturchina".

She never left the world of music and dance, and performed musical and artistic activities for children for "PrimaVeraArte".

In 2016 she worked with for the capoeiristic association "Cordao De Ouro" as a psychomotor and capoeira teacher for children.

She attended several training courses regarding work on body and movement, including Segni Mossi, DanzaMovimentoTerapia, and BodyPercussion.

She has also been performing set design activities for childhood plays for several years.

Francesco Tirzi


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