From Kindergarten to High School

St. Philip School is a bilingual school and it opened its courses in September 2014 Nowadays there are the Kindergarten and the Primary School.
In 2020/2021 it will be opened the Secondary School from first grade to High School (Y.S. 2023/2024)
At St. Philip School students on a daily basis, in addition to consolidating the Italian language, they learn the English language, a necessary tool for opportunities to study and work abroad. They will be able to experience art, to play sports and to study science in well-equipped laboratories. 
St. Philip School is "the school of know-how" and not the abstract knowledge, that from early childhood knows how to engage children with music, psychomotor, watercolour, theatre... and many other activities.
The training organization of St. Philip School, from kindergarten to high school, is based on "rhythmic cycles". The teaching timetable is based on the needs of students rather than modulated on the curriculum or on the needs of teachers.

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