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About Us

St. Philip is a bilingual school which uses a positive and practical approach to learning for both languages, Italian and English. It can be described as ‘The School of Know-How’ where students are supported in developing a ‘hands-on’ approach to learning which enables them to foster their creativity, curiosity and critical thinking. The teaching staff in St. Philips School provides a nurturing and stimulating learning environment which allows students to achieve their full potential.

St. Philip School began its educational activities in 2014 and opened the primary school in September 2015. The educational bilingual project was completed when the middle school was opened in 2020.

Since 2022 the school has become the ‘Cambridge Institute’ for primary and middle school.


Our educational program puts the students at the center of attention with the aim to provide them with a specific preparation: a school of "know how" where theoretical and practical experiences alternate and complement each other.

Our teachers are selected based on their human qualities, technical and psycho pedagogical skills to meet the needs of new generations through an innovative method which is constantly renewing itself with respect to socio-cultural changes.

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