Beata Zakrzewska

As a child Beata already possessed a natural gift for music and languages.

Upon graduating from high school in Rome (Istituto Magistrale G. Caetani, RM), she earned her primary teaching credentials.

In 2002 she went on to enrich her academic background at Libera Accademia Aldo Bargero (Oriago, VE).

In the same year, Beata began teaching at two private schools in Rome (Giardino dei Cedri and Salvatore Colonna), where she was subsequently appointed teacher coordinator. In addition to pursuing a career as a primary teacher, in 2010 she decided to put her qualifications as a professional nurse to good use and registered with IPASVI (Professional Order of Nurse).

Thereafter Beata has occasionally worked as a professional nurse.

In the same year she resolved to train in art therapy and attended several seminars and classes.

In 2013 she started her training at Il Fiore Azzurro (school of art therapy).

Beata has been teaching at St Philip School since 2014, originally as a kindergarten teacher, then moved on to primary.

She also holds training courses for both Italian and English primary teachers.