Carla Candida Franchi

Carla Candida completed her high school studies and attained her credential as preschool and primary teacher.

In 1976 she started working as a state school teacher in Rome (Goffredo Mameli is one among the many schools she has taught at).

During her teaching years Carla Candida has been attending pottery, papier mâché and puppet making courses held by Maria Signorelli and Letizia Volpicelli at Teatro Verde (Trastevere).

In 1994 she fully qualified as a Waldorf teacher both for the Italian school system as well as for Waldorf schools abroad.

Carla Candida has kept honing her skills by attending arts and crafts classes - such as doll making classes and painting - and she currently attends Dr Tirzi’s healing pedagogy course.

From 2006 to 2021 she taught at Libera Scuola Janua (a Waldorf School).

Carla Candida has been teaching at St Philip School since 2022.