Martina Traini

Martina is a certified technical architect. After completing her high school studies (Liceo Artistico Via Ripetta), she enrolled at Rome-based Università La Sapienza and earned her B.A. in “Tecniche dell’architettura e della costruzione” (Architecture and Construction science).

Later she specialised in “Progettazione Architettonica” (Architectural design) at Università Roma Tre.

Martina subsequently completed a second-level postgraduate course in “Capitale naturale ed aree protette” (Natural Capital and Nature Reserves) at Università La Sapienza. Martina has kept broadening her academic background by completing further university-level courses.

Among her recent endeavours was attaining her teaching credentials as a secondary school teacher by completing the 24 CFU educational training. Since then, she has been served as a lower and upper secondary teacher as well as working as an architect.

Martina has been a teacher at St Philip School since 2020.