Sofia Motti Barsini

Sofia has earned her M.A. in Primary Education Sciences (Roma Tre University) with an experimental thesis on the Outdoor education pedagogical movement; her work highlights the importance of didactic innovation heavily focused on hands-on activities and learning by doing.

Right after obtaining her M.A., Sofia started teaching in preschool and primary school settings. Sofia has kept honing her artistic and dramatic skills thanks to numerous training courses – Steiner pedagogy workshops included (at Accademia Aldo Bargero di Oriago and at St Philip School), to fully respond to her children’s needs.

She has worked as an educator with young children and adolescents: she has taken part into Le Cicogne project, helping set up a groundbreaking start-up company.

Sofia has served as a scout, too; she was a member of F.S.E. association for six years. At F.S.E., Sofia was appointed Chief Guide and had in charge girls aged 7-10 years old.

As well as serving as a scout leader, Sofia volunteers at U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I. – which provides support to children and adults with disabilities.

Sofia has been teaching at St Philip School since 2017.