Tiziana Della Spina

Tiziana is an English teacher, with dual Italian-US citizenship, certified by Cambridge University England (CELTA - Certificate in Teaching English to Adults and CELTYL - Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners).

Tiziana grew up in a multi-cultural family environment with passion for art, studying opera, ballet and acting.

As a child, she moved with her family to various locations abroad, where she developed a strong interest in foreign languages at a young age.

Tiziana moved to San Diego, California, where she studied and worked exclusively in English, for a decade. There, she attended the San Diego City College (SDCC).

Since 2010, Tiziana has been working in Rome teaching English as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults in several schools such as Highlands Institute, Nazareth Institute, La Maisonnette.

Tiziana has been teaching at St Philip since 2017, originally as a kindergarten teacher, then later as a primary teacher.