"The school of know-how"


Dear children, dear parents, my name is Roberta Wunderle and I am the Coordinator of the Educational Activities of St. Philip School. In September begins our adventure, a journey to live together: the opening of St. Philip School, a bilingual school in the center of Rome! My staff and I are very pleased with this achievement and we send you all our enthusiasm but also the feeling of responsibility that motivates us. The foundation of the school, St. Philip was born from the desire and dreams of some people who have dedicated their professional commitment to education and their lives. Each of us, living their experience in the world of education, has always tried to improve themselves and improve with others, but also cultivated the dream that could give rise to a new school, with another breath and with great prospects. Well, this dream is coming true. We desire that our children are passionate to knowledge, which is curious, clever, expert, who cultivate interests and find here what is in their hearts; they are deep and sensitive, but without losing the sympathy and joy. In short, they can cultivate their ideals and that the school is friendly in this way, and that is not boring, tiring and unnecessary. For all that, to bring up our children to the best of their potential, we put together a faculty of excellence, competent, motivated and experienced in the education sector; we are setting up large spaces and well-structured, equipped with the latest technologies; We have developed an effective method of teaching, the result of many years of experimentation. St. Philip School is a bilingual school and it opened its courses in September 2014 Nowadays there are the Kindergarten and the Primary School.In 2020 it will be opened the Secondary School from first grade to High School.
At St. Philip School students on a daily basis, in addition to consolidating the Italian, learn the English language, a necessary tool for opportunities to study and work abroad. They will be able to experience art, to play sports, study science in well-equipped laboratories. The St. Philip School is "the school of know-how" and not the abstract knowledge, that from early childhood knows how to engage children with music, psychomotor, watercolour, theatre ... and many other activities. I would therefore like to greet you with the motto of a famous educator that sums up a bit the spirit with which our teachers work: "To teach English to John we need three things: to love English, love teaching English… and to love John, "because it is true, that making a step in knowledge, it is necessary to take three steps in morals.

A warm greeting.

The Coordinator of Educational Activities 
Roberta Wunderle

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