Antonio Mazzoni

Antonio earned his Master's Degree in P.E. at ISEF "La Sapienza", with a thesis on study and rehabilitation of the lower limbs in 5 to 10 year old children, spurred by his lifelong interest in the interconnections among physical and inner growth and posture in children.

Subsequently he went on to complete a postgraduate course in psychomotor skills at Rome-based LUMSA, Consorzio Humanitas, his dissertation: "PlayArt: Psychomotor skills classes in kindergarten and primary school".

Antonio has been teaching P.E. and directing several school projects on psychomotor skills and play since 1990 across all stages of primary and secondary education.

He has also completed a postgraduate course on Relational Aspects of Psychomotor skills.

Antonio is also the author of a number of books and scientific journal articles and has been lecturing at LUMSA in a postgraduate course on Psychomotor Skills since 2016, and he joined its scientific board in 2018. As "Expert Trainer" at the regional CONI sponsored Sports Academy, Antonio has also served as Coordinator of the Regional Paralympics Committee for secondary schools.

In 2019 Antonio was appointed "expert Tutor of P.E.'' for Primary education courses at Università Roma Tre. From March to June 2020 he was the guest expert advising on safe exercising at home during lockdown for the RAI Programme “Diario di Casa”.

Antonio has been a teacher at St Philip School since 2019.