Marco Filangeri

During his academic career, he immediately approached English as a second language, earning a degree in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Naples.

In those years he experienced managing and participation in numerous educational projects and presentations that brought him closer to the world of teaching.

In 2017 he obtained the Cambridge CELTA certification for teaching English to foreigners and began his teaching career in language schools in Spain. During these years, he enhances his skills in preparing for the Cambridge exams. In 2019 he obtained the position of English Teacher at the Liverpool School of English in the United Kingdom, where for the first time he was confronted with a multilingual school environment. The experience in Liverpool allowed him to enhance the communication skills of English applied to a multicultural context.

In 2020 he was admitted to the University of Arizona, USA and obtained a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Thanks to his international experiences he has developed a philosophy that is founded on the value of teaching as facilitating knowledge and practice, with a strong emphasis on engaging and collaborative activities adapted to the interests of his students and their different learning aptitudes.

From 2023 he joins the staff of St Philip School.