Sabrina D'Orsi

Sabrina obtained her M.A. degree in Modern Humanities in 1997.

Among her career achievements are:

Mother of three, Sabrina trained in Steiner education and has multy-year experience as a certified mentor for Movimento Etico Digitale association – constantly endeavouring to spread ethical digital literacy skills in schools. Moreover, she has completed a specialised course about collaborative communication and nonviolent communication (communication model based on empathy developed by Marshall Rosenberg, whose mentor was Carl Rogers).

She served both as a foreign students tutor and a lower secondary state school teacher for some years.

Prior to teaching, Sabrina spent two years working as an ICT consultant for Rai and Radio Vaticana and as an expert in Media Education.

Sabrina wrote a book in 2018, “Vivere Semplice” (The Simple Life), which was published by Natura e Cultura, a Steiner-oriented publishing house; her blog of the same name (active since 2008) deals with many aspects of digital minimalism, parenthood and parent education.

Sabrina has been teaching at St Philip School since 2020.