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St. Philip is a bilingual private school in Rome (Italian / English) that is characterized by a specific teaching method based on "know-how" where practical experience and theory merge together alternating and complementing each other. Bilingual is someone who is able to speak, read and write correctly in two different languages, we do our best to make this process of learning and transformation happen in a totally natural and spontaneous way.

From kindergarten to international high school, passing through primary and secondary schools of first and second degree, St. Philip is a fully-fledged bilingual school and proposes a learning course of the highest level guaranteed by the continuous training of its Italian and native English speaker teachers and by the collaboration with the best pedagogical and didactic Research Institutes. Students are followed at all stages of the day: during playtime, meals and during the various educational activities; they learn through three fundamental values ​​of our pedagogical activity: art, music and movement.

Bilingual nursery school (or bilingual maternal)

Our kindergarten is where your child can grow in harmony with himself and with the others, learning while playing and relating with the "know how" method. At the moment the kindergarten consists of 3 homogeneous classes with 3, 4 and 5 year old children; mother tongue teachers teach English for 17 hours per week.


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Bilingual primary school (or bilingual primary school)

In the path of the primary school your child will acquire the skills to take the first steps into the world. With a full bilingual approach, the child will learn the rudiments of the school both in Italian and in English thanks to a total number of hours equally shared between the languages, with at least 17 hours of English per week and mother tongue English and Italian teachers.


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Bilingual first grade secondary school (or bilingual middle school)

In order to enroll in the first and second grade secondary school, it will be necessary to take the level test. The educational course includes 14 hours per week exclusively in English with mother-tongue teachers who will alternate with Italian teachers.


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