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Kindergarten Teachers

Alessandro Sbraci


After earning his degree in Education Sciences at Università Pontificia Salesiana Alessandro joined the “Commission for the drafting of the charter of rights of children in residential institutions” set up by the Province-of-Rome administration.

He started teaching at the Waldorf-inspired Primary School Arcobaleno and subsequently took on the role of School Coordinator. After completing a course in “Functional Psychomotor Education” held by Professor Jean Le Boulch, Alessandro taught at the “Loic Francis For Therapeutic Pedagogy and Sociotherapy Society”.

As a firm believer in the educational value of art and hands-on learning, Alessandro has co-founded Maxima, a pedagogical society where children can engage in crafts and hands-on activities. He has taught at Istituto Sant’Ivo, a primary school in Rome.

His educational approach and daily classroom activities are inspired by the principle “each child’s world resets the History of the world”.

Alessandro has been teaching at St Philip School since 2014.

He currently serves as teacher coordinator for both preschool and primary school.

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Carla Candida Franchi


Carla Candida completed her high school studies and attained her credential as preschool and primary teacher.

In 1976 she started working as a state school teacher in Rome (Goffredo Mameli is one among the many schools she has taught at).

During her teaching years Carla Candida has been attending pottery, papier mâché and puppet making courses held by Maria Signorelli and Letizia Volpicelli at Teatro Verde (Trastevere).

In 1994 she fully qualified as a Waldorf teacher both for the Italian school system as well as for Waldorf schools abroad.

Carla Candida has kept honing her skills by attending arts and crafts classes - such as doll making classes and painting - and she currently attends Dr Tirzi’s healing pedagogy course.

From 2006 to 2021 she taught at Libera Scuola Janua (a Waldorf School).

Carla Candida has been teaching at St Philip School since 2022.

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Hannah Victoria Burton


Hannah has grown up in London, England. he has worked with children since the age of 16, working as a nanny and as an au-pair in Brisbane (Australia), Los Angeles (USA), and London (UK). She has worked for all ages and ethnicities. Her passion came for teaching while working at a preschool in Los Angeles during her stay. Growing up she was influenced by her father's caring and patience as a teacher at University College London, and her sister's confidence and passion for teaching English in Vietnam.

She has been living in Rome for 3 years, and during this time has studied for a Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) 168-hour certificate.

After completing this, and post Covid, she started working in a private preschool for 3-5 years old. Her primary roles were employing a variety of educational techniques (storytelling, educational play, media, etc.) to teach children subjects covering but not limited to Phonics, Math, STEM, and educational projects about the body.

She would be observing each child to help improve their social competencies and build self-esteem.

Additionally creating a fun and loving environment for 12+ students while following and implementing the curriculum, planning and preparing the classroom for daily activities to run smoothly and efficiently. Lastly communicating progress and daily activities with parents and members of leadership.

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Maria Teresa Gesualdi


After graduating from Liceo classico Maria Teresa moved to Rome to enrol at Università LUMSA. She earned her M.A. in Clinical Psychology (cum laude) with an experimental thesis on preschool learning.

She went on to complete a postgraduate course as School Activity coordinator.

In 2022 she earned her M.A in Education sciences. She is currently in the process of earning a further M.A. in primary education at Rome-based LUMSA.

Always eager to broaden her knowledge base, Maria Teresa is a passionate scholar of childhood learning who thrives on facing as many educational challenges as possible.

Maria Teresa has been involved in numerous education charities, and worked with SEN children at Rome-based Istituto Leonarda Vaccari. In 2018 she moved back to Basilicata and taught as a preschool teacher in Viggiano.

Maria Teresa has been teaching at St Philip School since 2021.

Pamela Rado


From her early childhood Pamela has always loved and been drawn to sports and acting.

She obtained her teaching credential for primary school upon graduating from Istituto Magistrale Pedagogico/Linguistico E. Palumbo in 1999. In 2008 Pamela earned her B.A. in Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Università di Lecce S.t.a.m.ms. curriculum). She entitled her thesis: "Drama in schools as an alternative pedagogy".

In 2010 Pamela moved to Rome where she kept studying drama and promoting drama in schools. The change of scenery presented her with a new area of academic pursuit closely linked with drama: psychomotor education.

Since 2014 Pamela has been involved with several organisations, kindergartens and primary schools – teaching drama and psychomotor skills.

Pamela has been teaching at St Philip School since 2015.

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Marzia Drago


Ever since she was a child, Marzia has been quite creatively inclined. She expresses her creativity through sewing and through art.

Marzia began to study pedagogy when she was in secondary school. Once she graduated with a diploma in Human Science, she began teaching preschool.

Determined to turn her passion into her life’s work, Marzia studied Preschool & Primary School Education (program number LM85BIS) at Roma Tre University.

In recent years, she has gained a variety of experience in both private and public schools.

Marzia has been teaching at St. Philip School since 2021.

Paola Rossi


Paola started her career in Education in 1979 at a Rome-based Waldorf school founded by Bianca Maria Scapelloni.

Throughout her career she has taken courses in painting, clay-modelling, music, singing, drama, psychomotor education, Waldorf pedagogy.

Paola taught at the Rome-based Istituto Sant’Ivo from 2010 to 2013 and worked as a state-school kindergarten teacher (2013-2014).

Paola has been teaching at St Philip School for 8 years now; since 2020 she has served as preschool staff coordinator and advisor.

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Solutochukwu Uwadiegwu


Solutochukwu is a bilingual teacher who has spent more than fifteen years in Italy where she has taught English at several schools.

In recent years she has gained relevant experience in teaching pupils aged 3-10, and effectively endeavoured to build educational skills and competences aimed at promoting excellent child cognitive development.

Solutochukwu has been teaching at St Philip preschool and primary since 2020.

Giulia Ortelli


Daughter of an Italian father and British mother Giulia was born and raised in Chester, North West England. After completing her secondary education she moved to London to continue her further education obtaining a BA Hons degree in International Business Studies with Italian and Spanish from Brunel University followed by the Cambridge T.E.F.L certificate in order to be able to teach English as a foreign language.

She worked for a year for a private school in Madrid teaching English to both children and adults.

In 1997 she moved to Rome where she continued her teaching in a language school . Over these years she taught English to a variety of age groups and levels: from elementary to preparation for official Cambridge exams, such as KEY, PET and FCE and also the IELTS exam and Business English.

Upon getting married and deciding to start a family in 2001 she changed career direction and worked part time for many years in the tourism industry in order to be able to dedicate her time to her three children who are all bilingual. At the beginning of 2017 she made the decision to return to the world of teaching and rediscovered her passion for working with children.

Giulia has been teaching at St Philip School since 2017.

Meghan Zare


Meghan is a bilingual teacher who has been teaching English as a second language (ESL) for fourteen years now, passing her CELTA exam with full marks.

Meghan is a flexible, creative team player with great interperRsonal skills: she has taught and individually tutored pupils of different age ranges, and particularly enjoys teaching younger learners.

Furthermore, she has tutored primary and lower secondary school pupils waiting to sit their ESOL and IELTS exams.

Meghan has obtained her Masters of English and Anglo-American Studies (Sapienza University of Rome) with a thesis on teaching English as the Second Language in European countries. Meghan is currently a teacher at International House and British Centre.

Meghan has been teaching at St Philip School since 2022.

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Claudia Comina


Claudia discovered her passion for rhythmic gymnastics and dance as a child. After earning an M.A. in Italian Literature, she resolved to make a profession out of her lifelong passions and endeavours, spurred on by her fascination for the interconnections among physical movement, development of the individual need to express oneself and wellbeing.

She has since specialised in art therapy and completed two MIUR postgraduate courses in Education Sciences: Art Therapy (at Teatro Integrato) and Rehabilitation Through The Arts classes (at IRCCS). Furthermore, Claudia has earned additional certificates and qualifications by attending seminars such as Neuro Psychomotricity as an educational intervention at CEU, Childplay Yoga, Segni mossi (about movement and graphics). Her numerous qualifications include: Insegnante di Anatomia per il movimento® (lit. Anatomy for the Movement) certified teacher with B.Calais-Germain method (Spain) and a Danzatricità (Dance and Psychomotricity) teacher. Moreover, Claudia is a qualified gymnastics instructor for ASI and ASC (affiliated to the Italian Olympic Games Committee). She is an educated dance wellness professional, too.

Since 2005, Claudia has worked as a kindergarten and primary school teacher. In 2009 she approached the world of circus and worked with several circus companies and organised aerial acrobatics, juggling and fire performance shows. Claudia has been involved with the Italian School of Circus Arts (Scuola Nazionale di Circo) and has worked as a circus arts teacher.

Here at St Philip School, she teaches psychomotor education and circus-arts inspired gymnastics, along with extra-curricular circus-skills classes in collaboration with ASD Play Your Time. Claudia’s educational goal is to educate pupils to love and appreciate movement through movement.

Claudia has been teaching at St Philip School since 2019.

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